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So that you will visit us time and again we will offer you just four songs at one time and change them regularly.

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Erlösung Text MP3 128 Bit/s    
Unsterblich Text MP3 128 Bit/s Free Download
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Wer weiss Text MP3 128 Bit/s Free Download
Die Kugel Text MP3 128 Bit/s    
Treibhaus Text MP3 128 Bit/s Free Download
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Bekenntnis Text MP3 128 Bit/s    
Das Licht Text MP3 128 Bit/s    
Jetzt Text MP3 128 Bit/s    
Bis der Tod uns scheidet Text MP3 128 Bit/s    
Traumwelt Text MP3 128 Bit/s Free Download
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(Music & Lyrics by Curt Doernberg. rights reseved)

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Treibhaus will walk along with you, catch you and won´t get off your mind. German lyrics understand, excite and satisfy!

2003 frontman Curt Doernberg started the songwriting of the first Treibhaus songs. The work on the debut album "Unsterblich" of the Hard-Pop-Band from Hannover / Germany are nearly finished.

Since founding the band Matthias Liebetruth (drums) and Frank Fügner (guitar) are infected with the Treibhaus virus. Following from this the compositions are a completely rounded work of compact variety. Treibhaus does not invent music - on the contrary - Treibhaus perfectly makes use of the manifold taste of the three musicians.

"We want to give music to our fans we always wished for and we enjoy hearing ourselves."

It doesn´t matter wether hard guitars fight a duel with tekknoid keyboards or drumloops have to prove themselves in an acoustic drum battle. The powerful sound knits the musical styles of the last years together.

After completing the recordings the full attention is focussed on the liveshow. On stage the unleashed man-machinery returns its power to the audience. Treibhaus rocks!

"You love Treibhaus you give it to your friends - you hate it you give it to your enemies!"

This statement is for sure!

Treibhaus line-up:

Curt Doernberg - vocals & programming
(Donnerkopf - ex Rough Silk, Head Game)

Matthias Liebetruth - Drums
(Running Wild - ex Headcrash, Daddy Long Legs, Victory)

Frank Fügner - guitars

Ulli Wellhausen - Bass

Kai Rudat - all female vocals
(ex Welle Erdball)